CBS debuts its latest police procedural show with a twist, UNFORGETTABLE. The show stars Poppy Montgomery (one of my favorites) as Carrie Wells, a former detective with an exceptional gift. She can remember everything in exact detail. It is like she can relive each of her memories as fresh as it was when it occurred. As you can imagine, such a gift is an incredible asset to have especially as a detective, and when one stumbles upon a murder as it happens. However, we also learn that Carrie has a lot of ghosts in her past surrounding her childhood and a major event that occurred then. Is that what caused her condition, though? We find out that her ability is actually a medical condition called hyperthymesia. She cannot forget the details even if she wants to.

Unforgettable is a promising show. Although I seem to recall prior police shows with gifted detectives, one of the CSIs comes to mind, I think the way that Carrie’s abilities are portrayed sets this one above the rest. When Carrie goes back to relive a memory, the viewer actually sees Carrie there thinking about the memory and then watches, as does Carrie, the scene replay itself. At times there are two Carries in the scene, the one reliving it and the one from her memory. Although it sounds a bit cheesy, I think it is done very naturally and simple. I also think it gives the viewer the opportunity to relive that particular scene and figure out what exactly she might have seen that will help break the case or find a clue. Read More...



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