The Big C Review: Friends vs. Family

The Big C was not kidding with its episode title this week. My goodness, that sure was "The Darkest Day" I can recall in the show's history.

It started out a bit trite, as Cathy told off Dr. Sherman and his medical school students in the sort of speech we've heard many times before: yes, doctors should treat their patients as actual human beings; although, a convincing case could be made that de-personalizing their trials makes them more effective and, in the end, saves more lives.

Regardless, this speech simply served as a precursor for the deeply personal events to come.

RIP, Lee, for starters. Hugh Dancy was a terrific addition to the cast this season, both in terms of his character and his portrayal. Lee's relationship with Cathy was unique to The Big C, taking the concept of one's "soulmate" to a different level and creating an understandable rift between Cathy and Paul. Read More...


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