'The Lying Game' Recap: 'Bad Boys Break Hearts'

With a title like "Bad Boys Break Hearts," last night's episode of "The Lying Game" was bound to be a tough one for the young loves of Phoenix, Arizona, but not even I was prepared for all the romantic turmoil. Let's break it down:

The cat's out of the bag on Sutton's little dalliance. Or perhaps, more accurately, Thayer's out of his clothes. As Sutton video-chatted Emma to "congratulate" her on her Homecoming title, Thayer conveniently came into frame sporting nothing more than a towel and his six pack. Whoops! Would Emma squeal to Ethan?

Once Thayer finally got dressed, he and Emma headed out to continue the search for Annie Hobbes, which lead them to an art gallery. A closed art gallery. That wouldn't open again until November. But no worries! Thayer dug around in the gallery's garbage, finding several shipping receipts that he thought might lead them to birth mom. Read More...



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