BODY OF PROOF “Love Thy Neighbor” Review

BODY OF PROOF "Love Thy Neighbor" Season 2 Episode 1 – I love forensic dramas, so I came into "Love Thy Neighbor," the second season premiere of Body of Proof, with a sense of anticipation as I looked forward to having another weekly fix of awesomely graphic makeup effects and bloody body parts.

Well, I got my wish. Sort of. But for a show about a medical examiner, there was surprisingly little gore. Or maybe I’ve just become de-sensitized to it. I do own ten seasons of CSI on DVD.

The plot kicks off with a runaway car careening down a ravine; Megan quickly determines that the reason for the crash was that the driver was dead when he got behind the wheel. That’s almost as bad as texting while driving. The victim lived in a posh cul de sac with a ton of secrets and I was really glad to see Megan make a reference to Desperate Housewives, because I always appreciate when a show acknowledges that they’re making a very obvious homage.

One of the biggest secrets in the neighborhood that comes out during the investigation was that the neighbors all knew each other very intimately. As in they were swingers. Wife-swappers. ‘Cause that always ends well. The victim was sleeping with the big bitch on the block, a shady, but hot land developer, which wouldn’t matter to the plot one bit if he hadn’t been murdered over something he saw on his way back from her house at four a.m. Read More...


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