Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 25 Review: The Door of Darkness

Inside the dark world, Ed struggles to find if anyone else is there, and he eventually comes across Ling. After they both confirm that the other isn't Envy, they figure out that they're inside of Gluttony, and Ed finds Al's missing left arm. In order to try to get out, Ed transmutes a hole in the ground, but the torch they drop down first never appears to hit bottom, so they abandon that idea. Meanwhile in the real world, May Chang is worried about the missing Shao May, and she recalls how she found and bonded with the panda. She's after immortality now for the sake of the survival of her weak clan, and after hearing all this, Scar decides to help her find Shao May.

Back inside Gluttony, Ling gets tired and has to be carried by Ed. They're both starving, so Ed comes up with the idea of cooking and eating a leather shoe, and afterward, Ling apologizes for how Ed has to take care of him. The two are then found by Envy, and Envy reveals that there's not an exit from this place. It turns out that Gluttony resulted from their Father failing to create the Gate of Truth, and they're inside that world which is a crevice between reality and the Gate now with no way out. In frustration, Ed questions who this Father person is and guesses King Bradley, but Envy reveals that King Bradley is just a Homunculus. Putting the pieces together, Ed figures out that the Homunculus must have been responsible for the Ishbal conflict, so Envy confirms that it was he who shot a child that triggered the conflict. This plus Envy's glee in talking about what he did infuriates Ed, since he is responsible for the sorrow of others and he tries to punch the Homunculus. That only pisses Envy off, and he decides that since they're going to die there anyway, he'll fight them with his true form an enormous beast with multiple limbs and appendages around his body. Despite his appearance and size though, both Ling and Edward decide to make a stand.

Back in the real world, Al learns about Father from Gluttony and gets the Homunculus to take him to this person. Over in Central, King Bradley has decided to let Mustang live and reveals that the military has been under Homunculus control since the country was formed. King Bradley's doesn't show any weakness facing Mustang and instead takes aim at Mustang's weakness: Hawkeye. He's having all of Mustang's men reassigned, but Hawkeye specifically is going to be serving directly under him. As Gluttony and Al continue on their journey, Al is surprised and notices that Gluttony is taking him back to Central.

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