SONS OF ANARCHY “Dorylus” Review

SONS OF ANARCHY "Dorylus" Season 4 Episode 3 - The title of this episode takes its name from a genus of ant that can consume humans, asphyxiating them as they do. It’s pretty much what Clay is doing, we learn this episode; he’s using everyone and slowly choking the life out of SAMCRO as he does. There were four main plotlines this week, including Clay’s:

Clay needs a majority vote to officially begin the club running drugs for Romero’s cartel. He and Jax talk about how each member will vote, and Clay decides he needs to get Bobby on side. He takes Bobby with him to talk to the Indians about their ammunition; he tells the Indians that he’s selling to the cartel for the same price as he was selling to the Russians, when in truth he’s actually making a bigger profit. Considering this conversation takes place beside a man who has been buried in a pit to die of consumption by ants, we should assume that the Indians are not people you want to mess with.

But then Clay makes things even worse. Remember how Jax agreed to back Clay if he would be allowed to get out of the club clean, with Opie taking over the presidency? Well this week Clay tells Bobby that he will get the presidency, if he wants it. Later, Opie tells Jax that once Clay is out of the club, they’ll clean things up and run things side by side, oblivious to Jax’s plans to leave the club. There’s no way this can end well. Read More...


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