RINGER “She’s Ruining Everything” Review

RINGER "She’s Ruining Everything" Season 1 Episode 2 – The second episode of RINGER wasactually better than the first! Bridgete is attempting to fit into Siobhan’s life, but since killing the guy hired to kill HER, she’s having second thoughts.

Add that Siobhan is supposed to be pregnant, having an affair with her best friend’s husband, and is hated by her step daughter, and Bridgete can’t wait to get away. She gives a call to her friend Malcolm who agrees to help her no matter WHAT she needs.

However, her plan to leave is stopped by Andrew’s cocktail party that he suddenly decides to throw in their currently being remodeled loft. Could have something to do with the dead body that she’s attempting to hide. There was a brief moment when I SERIOUSLY thought Ringer was going to take a dark turn and actually have Bridgete cut up the body to dispose of it, but as a viewer we were saved by a ringing cell phone.

Bridget eventually decides to shove the body in a trunk and use it as a decoration piece. Everything seems to be wonderful until Andrew is giving his speech and the hitman’s cell phone starts to ring. Bridget quickly goes over to the trunk and plucks out the cell phone quickly blaming the ringing on a workman. Read More...



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