UNFORGETTABLE "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – Watching the pilot episode of Unforgettable, I have to ask myself, how do regular cops ever solve crimes without at least one genius/savant in their department?

Unforgettable has Carrie Wells (Poppy Montgomery in all her American-accented glory), a former cop who suffers(?) from hyperthymesia, a real affliction that causes an individual to remember everything. Literally, everything they’ve ever seen. In real life, there have only been 20 verified cases and one of them is actress Marilu Henner, who plays Carrie’s Alzheimer-inflicted mother. And that is what we call irony.

Understandably, Carrie’s gift made her an excellent detective with an undefeated solve rate, but she gave up her career and her cop boyfriend Al Burns (Dylan Walsh, who will apparently be almost as frequently naked in this show as he was on Nip/Tuck) when she was unable to solve her sister’s murder. In an ironic twist that can only be found on television, Rachel’s murder when they were children is the one event that Carrie cannot remember.

Of course, Carrie is dragged back into Al’s world when her neighbor is killed and her skills are called upon to solve the case. Without her memory, there would have been no resolution as almost all of the connecting evidence hinges on the pictures in her mind. Clearly, Al places his faith in her entirely, which probably means that he’s still in love with her. Carrie’s feelings for him are less obvious, although she does have one hot flashback of them in bed. Read More...



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