NCIS “Nature of the Beast” Season 9 Premiere Review

NCIS "Nature of the Beast" Season 9 Premiere – Tonight’s episode marks the second time that we have had the entire summer told to us in flashbacks from Tony’s point of view. At first I couldn’t decide if I liked that fact, considering I had really been looking forward to seeing Tony on a mission for at least part of this season, but I got over it pretty quick. An entire Tony-centric episode can make me get overa lot of things, it seems.

At some point I know I’m going to need to watch this premiere again as I’m sure there were lots of subtleties that I missed. But for this review I’m going to follow Gibbs’ lead and just go with my gut. And my gut says that this was a pretty fantastic episode. The Gibbs and Tony interaction was absolutely superb and may have been some of the best I’ve seen in this series so far. Any time those two actually speak to each other like equals, I am a happy camper. Not that I don’t like the goofy Tony/grumpy Gibbs dynamic too, but I just love it when they challenge each other they way they did tonight. Read More...


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