GLEE “The Purple Piano Project” Review

GLEE "The Purple Piano Project" Season 3 Episode 1 – Let me just preface this review of "The Purple Piano Project," the season premiere of Glee, by saying that while I have been a Gleek since day one, I harbor no illusions that the show is perfect. I choose to believe that Glee is set in an alternate dimension running parallel to our world, and while there are huge similarities between the two, there are also times in Glee-land when the laws of physics and high school that we know simply do not apply. So my reviews will not try to make them.

That being said, let’s start the season!

It’s a new school year and Jacob is up to his usual gossip-mongering as he quizzes the glee club members about their ambitions for the future and what they did last summer. To sum up: Mercedes and Sam’s blink-and-you-missed-it romance fizzled when he moved away (Oh, Trouty-Lips…I’ll miss you most of all!) but it’s okay ’cause she’s dating a football player who appreciates everything she’s got to offer, Puck got dumped (I volunteer to comfort him!), Quinn dropped off the radar only to show up with a new retro-Madonna look and a ‘tude that doesn’t allow for any singing shenanigans, Kurt is trying to get Blaine to quit the all-accepting Warblers to come join him at Discrimination High and, as usual, Finn doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on in his life. Read More...


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