90210 “Rush Hour” Review

90210 "Rush Hour" Season 4 Episode 2 – It’s right back to the college life this week for the kids of90210. I am not sure how Naomi got out of jail so quickly with the large drug possession charges, but she seems mostly unaffected. So much so that she and Annie pledge a sorority despite the fact that Naomi is currently the most hated girl on campus. I have to admit that I was suspicious of Holly and her inclination to take Naomi under her wing the entire time. However, I had no idea that the real reason for her wanting to humiliate Naomi was that the sorority were the original purchaser of Noami’s partyhouse. Makes me wonder if the cowboy knew that the sorority would give her hell. Kind of icing on hiscake, so to speak.

So Liam bought the bar, returned the bar, and then bought it again. Oh, but he can’t get a liquor license because he is a minor. You think that would be something you might take into consideration before purchasing a business. We also find out what Liam is running from and what is behind all of his recent rash decisions. One of his boatmates died and Liam feels responsible for his death because the guy was covering Liam’s shift. Liam also has feelings for that same guy’s wife, Jane. Now Jane is in town for a while and I am betting Annie is not going to like this recent development. Read More...



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