PARENTHOOD “Hey, If You’re Not Using That Baby…” Review

PARENTHOOD "Hey, If You’re Not Using That Baby…" Season 3 Episode 2 – So many storylines, so little time. So we had some great moments in this episode, some good moments in this episode, and not really any bad moments I can think of. That’s the thing about Parenthood: I don’t known anyone who couldn’t sit down and not enjoy the show. The problem comes when next week’s episode airs and you realize that there are about ten different shows on television with heightened stakes than just, y’know, life as we know it. There’s loads of problems the Braverman clan have to contend with: infertility, job security, teenage daughter’s grown up alcoholic punchy boyfriends, autistic child, the list goes on.

That’s probably the show’s main detractor, and it is also its best asset. It explores problems which the regular middle class whites in suburbia face every single day: but then the question becomes about the escapism on television. Sure, Breaking Bad is far gloomier and more depressing than Parenthood will ever be, but it still represents a life I’m about 99.999% certain much of the middle class will never see or be involved with. I’ve about as much chance cooking crystal meth as I have becoming khaleesi of the Dothraki. Read More...


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