Recap: 'Glee' Season 3 Premiere - 'The Purple Piano Project'

The big question heading into this third season of "Glee": would having more than three writers contributing to the show make a noticeable difference? Would it still be a schizophrenic mess that could occasionally pull itself up from the mire of mediocrity and produce powerful television? Would it gain strength through the influx of new voices? Or would it get pulled in even more disparate directions than ever before? The answer, after tonight’s premiere episode, seems to lie behind Door #1. It’s still "Glee," for better or worse. Tonight? Mostly worse.

Writing weekly variations on the central reason why "Glee" is the most frustrating show on television is taxing my mental thesaurus. There’s a good show here. No, there’s an excellent show here. Or, at least, there’s a show I’m dying to see actually reach fruition. Obviously, what I think is the ideal form of this show deviates wildly from that of devoted Gleeks who hang on every scene, download every song, and think the current iteration is just dandy. Me? I had hoped that a fully stocked writers’ room would absorb the creators’ best ideas, filter out the worst ones, and produce a show that felt less like a first draft come to life and more of a carefully conceived (if occasionally gloriously messy) television show. Read More...


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