Review: CBS' 'Person of Interest' struggles thanks to sleepy Jim Caviezel

With many of this season's new shows that seem to squander a lot of talent and/or an interesting premise, it's hard to know where to start in figuring out how to fix them. With CBS' new vigilante drama "Person of Interest" (which debuts tomorrow night at 9), the solution is simple: 

Someone needs to buy star Jim Caviezel an alarm clock, or find some other way to wake him up. 

In "Person of Interest," Caviezel plays Reese, former elite Special Forces operative who's lost his faith, soul and reason to live, thanks to a mystery trauma we'll get the full details on later. He's become one of those disturbing, borderline-catatonic homeless people you sometimes see riding the subway, but all his skills are intact - as a bunch of Russian-American mobsters find out when they try to hassle him on the train.  Read More...


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