Ringer Episode 2 Recap: Lessons in Hiding A Body

Some complaints about the pilot episode of Ringer stemmed from the fact that the episode packed a lot of information and exposition into about 40 total minutes of airtime.  The producers promised that things would slow down in the second episode and they were right.  Episode 2 was primarily focused on Bridget trying to cover up the fact that she killed a hitman at the end of the pilot.

Episode 2 opened seconds after the close of the previous episode.  Bridget, realizing what she had done, was desperately trying to figure out a way to hide the body.  This became a running theme throughout the episode, as did the fact that she got interrupted every time she tried.  First it was by Gemma, who stopped by the loft to say she confronted the lesbian nanny about sleeping with her husband (which obviously didn't end with the answers she had been hoping for).  Then it was by Victor, who has decided to stick around New York, convinced that "Siobhan" was hiding something from him about Bridget. Read More...



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