Sons of Anarchy: Dorylus Review

At this point it’s not clear what’s going to unravel SAMCRO this season, the law or themselves. Specifically Clay who is making it more clear by the week how he will do anything to protect the deal he’s put in place with the cartel. Meanwhile Jax is off making promises he can’t possibly keep in order to try to get the drug-running vote handled so they can all focus on just making runs and hoarding cash before the bottom falls out.

What’s interesting about this season is the way in which without any road-trips or real rivalry with another gang to worry about, we’re finally seeing some of the Sons get the spotlight more than in the past. Throughout the show, various members of SAMCRO have gotten moments to stand out, but in this episode in particular we were given a chance to really see what some members are made of. Obviously Juice getting picked up by the cops and threatened with the truth of his heritage is a ticking time bomb situation. He was the one after the boys gunned down the Russians who looked the most disturbed by what he’s just done. I think he may be the weak link that they tried to turn Opie into way back when Agent Stahl was a threat to SAMCRO. Juice is young and he has the potential to be pushed into a corner, it was a smart choice on Linc Potter’s behalf to target him first. Read More...


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