Parenthood 3.02 "Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby" Review

Like her or not, the heart and soul of Parenthood is Sarah Braverman. With a goofy sense of humor masking an emotionally fragile inside that doesn't get to come out that often, Sarah's the most complex character in a show full of complex characters, a single mom trying to find her place in the world and someone to come home to at night. She's got the spirit of an artist and a massive heart that sometimes gets her in trouble, but she possesses some pretty sturdy emotional walls that take time to come a-tumblin' down.

That's what made "Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby" such a satisfying hour of television, as Sarah's blossoming relationship with Mark was the main focus and it didn't suffer a let down from the romantic premiere. You'd think that after two years apart, minus Mark's brief cameo toward the end of last season, that the chemistry between the two would take some time to really get going, but it's as if they've never been apart and it's extremely charming to witness. Sarah and Mark simply go well together, their giggly pillow talk and looks that oozed thousands of words able to send the heart of even the most jaded fluttering. He's intelligent and mature enough for her, she's quirky and interesting enough for him; they had to make it official tonight, right? Read More...


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