Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 24 Review: Inside the Bellyy

The Homunculi are holding Marcoh in a facility somewhere, and when Envy brings him some food, he questions what they want with him. He suspects that they're using the country and its people to make a giant transmutation circle and that the ultimate goal is to make a Philosopher's Stone. Envy doesn't deny it, and he threatens the village that Marcoh was helping in order to get Marcoh's cooperation. Wrath meanwhile is walking into his residence and talks to Pride about the fun he's having with how their opponents are stirring them up. Pride thinks that Wrath has been with humans too long, but he decides not to report to their Father about what Wrath said. As for Gluttony, Wrath isn't worried because he knows around where Gluttony is.

At that moment, Gluttony is trying to attack Mustang for having killed Lust. Mustang reacts by using his flames against Gluttony, but he's able to suck up Mustang's flame attack. This leaves Mustang no choice but to run, but he's still not completely recovered from his previous injuries, so he and the Elric brothers transmute a dummy to fool Gluttony and then escape to the waiting car. Ed and Al, however, decide to stay behind with Ling, so Hawkeye gives Ed a gun. Ed takes it only after remembering how he told Winry that her hands weren't for killing people. Back in the forest, Ed, Al, and Ling are trying to figure out how to handle Gluttony when Envy suddenly shows up.

After Envy tells Gluttony that he can't eat Mustang or the Elric brothers but that Ling is fine, Ed decides to use this to his advantage by transmuting a wall so that he and Al can take on Gluttony while Ling faces Envy alone. Ling proves to be stronger than Envy anticipated, but Envy transforms into Lan Fan and slows Ling down enough to let Gluttony try to swallow him up. When Ed tries to jump in and save Ling, both of them plus Envy get consumed by Gluttony. That leaves just Al and Gluttony, and Al feels like he's lost his brother. Back in Central, Mustang decides to go see Lt. General Raven and floats the idea that King Bradley might be a Homunculus. Raven laughs it off at first, but he then brings Mustang into a meeting of senior officers and repeats the allegation. Much to Mustang's dismay, King Bradley himself is there as well, causing Mustang to realize that Hughes was trying to warn him that the military itself was dangerous. Meanwhile, Ed wakes up to find himself alone in a dark place full of blood and debris wondering where the hell he is.

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