'Ringer' recap: Lofty Ambitions

Is it me or does Ringer feel like its set in the 1980s? I mean let’s begin with the whole wall-sized photo of Siobhan which, to be fair, I love. Can you imagine if you walked into my apartment and it was just a giant photo of me? Let’s all just pause and think about that for like five secs…okay we’re done. So, also the whole like "We’re living uptown but are buying a loft downtown" feels realz 1980s. Like it feels like a rejected subplot from Wall Street or something. And then, SMG’s crazy high pony during the climactic party sequence was very American Psycho meets C+C Music Factory. So there are touches of '80s and a little '90s. I would like someone to announce either this show is set in the ‘80s/'90s and/or in Crazytown because that’s where tonight’s episode seemed to fall.

The second episode of Ringer picked up right after last week’s season premiere. Bridget, impersonating her fancypants sister Siobhan, killed a hitman in self-defense and was left with his body in her new aforementioned loft. Naturally, she decided to skip calling the police and call her hot AA sponsor Malcolm. This is kinda how her initial voicemail went: "Hey Malcolm. Miss you! Also I shot someone! Kthanksbye!" Not even joking. Thankfully, there were plenty of tarps around this construction site -- in fact, this episode should have been called "Tarps." They got a lotta action. Someone should check and see if Home Depot or Ty Pennington sponsored this. Read More...



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