'Glee' season premiere recap: Join the Club!

Hi, guys! The long wait for a new episode ofGlee is finally over, and I have to say it was a really satisfying start to the new year. The "kids" all seemed to be in stages that make sense, things moved along briskly, and the majority of the songs not only fit right in to the story line but were simply fun to watch. The seniors (Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and Mike) are thinking ahead to life after high school, Quinn is having an identity crisis, Sue is bringing the full weight of her crazy to her congressional campaign, and Schue is obsessing on the kids while ignoring his (more than) slightly dysfunctional personal life. Yes, all is as it should be in the McKinley High world.

The Glee club is down three members at the start of the show; Quinn is off on her aforementioned personal quest,  Zizes decided her rep couldn't take the stink of failure from the Glee club anymore, and Sam's gone because his dad got a job out of state (bye, Chord Overstreet). By the end of the episode they'd pick up a new member (Blaine! More Blaine and Kurt scenes please!) and lost another (so long for now, Santana. More on that later.) Mike and Tina remain an item. Mercedes introduced us to her new man, Marcus. Oh and Will and Emma are sleeping together! But that's all they seem to be doing. Read More...



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