Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1, Episode 23 Review: Girl of the Battlefield

Ling manages to escape temporarily from Wrath and Gluttony, but Wrath has Gluttonly go seek out Scar while he takes care of Ling and Ran Fan while still following their trail. Knowing that she's useless now and wanting to ensure Ling's survival, Ran Fan realizes that she has to make a sacrifice. Meanwhile, the battle between Al and Scar heats up, and Scar again questions Al's belief in alchemy. Al responds by reaffirming his belief in the possibilities of alchemy, and fortunately for him, Ed arrives to help him after leaving Winry in the care of the military. Before they can do anything though, Gluttony also shows up, having been sent here by Wrath. Scar has a hard time trying to fight Gluttony, but he doesn't have to for long because Ling suddenly appears as well and shoves a grenade down Gluttony's throat. Ling had escaped earlier from Wrath after Ran Fan had cut off her arm and tied it to a dog to throw him off track. With Gluttony now regenerating, Ling has Ed create some strong wire to bind the Homunculus, and Hawkeye then drives up with a car to take Gluttony away in.

The operation to capture a Homunculus is a success, but this still leaves Scar to deal with. Having been injured by a bullet to the leg from Hawkeye, Scar is at a disadvantage against the Elric brothers, however he's saved by Mei Chan who attacks both brothers and helps Scar get away. Hawkeye meanwhile unwittingly drives past King Bradley, and he recognizes her as Mustang's subordinate. Even though Scar got away, Al somehow got his hands on Mei Chan's pet panda, and he brings it with him when they go to see Winry. The brothers are surprised to find King Bradley keeping her company, but King Bradley takes his leave once they arrive. Winry then has Ed tell her everything he knows about her parents, and afterward, she feels that all she's able to do is wait. However, when they return to the hotel, Winry gets a phone call from Garfield back in Rush Valley, and she hears all the people who are waiting for her to return to fix their automail.

Winry decides to return to Rush Valley, and at the train station, she thanks the brothers for stopping her. In return, Ed promises that the next time he makes her cry, it'll be tears of joy. As the train pulls away, Winry watches Ed walk away and realizes that she fell in love with him. Outside the station, Ed and Al are picked up by Mustang who also goes to get Dr. Knox, and he brings them all to a cabin outside of Central. He needs Knox to operate on Ran Fan after she cut off her own arm, and she's okay only after a grueling surgery. Once she regains consciousness, Ran Fan compliments Ed on the decoy arm he used against her since she had in turn used the same against Wrath. Given how she needs an arm now, Ed promises to introduce her to a good automail technician.

In the meantime, Mustang and Ling formally introduce themselves to each other, and they discuss Gluttony and the Homunculus. Ling surprises everyone by revealing that King Bradley could be a Homunculus, and he tells them everything he found out during the previous battle, including how King Bradley's atmosphere feels more like a human than a Homunculus. As they start to argue about what to do with Gluttony, Gluttony himself hears Mustang's name come up, and that triggers an angry reaction because Gluttony knows that Mustang killed Lust. This causes Gluttony's stomach to open up, and the subsequent explosion blows away part of the cabin.

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