'Footloose' Clip: Julianne Hough Gets Busted Dirty Dancing

Julianne Hough sure knows how to, um, cut loose.

In case you needed further proof that director Craig Brewer's "Footloose" is a thoroughly modern remake of the original, just feast your eyes on this EXCLUSIVE clip. Because Kevin Bacon never grinded like this.

The two-minute snippet highlights new-kid-on-the-block Ren (Kenny Wormald), who's being taught the ways of small-town Bomont. Which apparently include dance breaks at the local snack bar. And it's all going pretty well. He and Ariel (Julianne) have some serious chemistry on the dance floor (parking lot?) as they writhe and bump against one another. (Er, anyone else blushing?) But when Ren realizes Ariel's trying to catch another boy's eye with her smooth moves, he splits. And just in time. Because preacher dad (Dennis Quaid) is none too please. AWK. WARD. Read More...



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