'Glee' Premiere Recap: 'The Purple Piano Project'

Class is back in session! And thanks to intrepid McKinley High gossip reporter Jacob Ben Israel, we got a quick status update on our favorite "Glee"sters. First order of business: clearing up who's actually a senior (i.e. headed for a spin-off or unemployment checks) and who still has a year to sing and dance with New Directions. For the record: Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Mike Chang are confirmed seniors. Tina and Artie aren't. (The wheelchair adds a year.)

Further points of clarification: Lauren Zises quit glee, Sam's dad got a new job in a different town, Mercedes is dating a footballer, Santana's modeling her life after her new No. 1 Latina Paula "I'm actually Arab" Abdul, Mr. Schue and Emma are sleeping together (sex not included?) and Quinn is MIA. Read More...



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