'NCIS' season premiere: A quick debriefing

NCIS began its ninth season last night with a bang — three of them to be exact — as Tony’s top-secret mission to "handle" an NCIS traitor ended with him in a hospital trying to remember why blood types were found in the street where he’d been shot in the chest. (He was wearing a vest.) As he recounted his whereabouts from last May to the present to Dr. Rachel Cranston, Caitlin’s sister, we saw in flashbacks how his orders from SECNAV Jarvis played out. In case you got lost along the way, here’s a debriefing:

• Gibbs and the others knew Tony had a new assignment and it made them nervous. "Look out for yourself. Please," Ziva told Tony, tapping him on the lips with a pencil and making Tiva fans momentarily happy. (Ziva is still with CIRay. What advice did she need to get from a female friend in Central America?) Duckie found the post-mortem incision in Levin’s arm and through morgue surveillance footage, figured out that E.J. had removed a microchip from him. That sent Gibbs into full-on protective mode (our favorite!) and straight to have a chat with the SECNAV. His timing, as Vance noted, was impeccable. Gibbs was there when Navy Captain Felix Wright arrived just in time to die in front of the SECNAV and show him his chip had already been cut out of his arm. "On the DL," Vance told Gibbs to find a connection between Levin and Wright. McGee had the honors of delivering the exposition: Turns out they both had worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, under Director of Special Operations Sean Latham. Stay with me now! He’s a civilian who leads a secret armada of spy vessels called the Watcher fleet. Watchers are loaded with billions in surveillance and are constantly monitoring terrorists and anti-military activity. Read More...



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