'Survivor: South Pacific': Brandon Hantz's short-man complex rears its ugly head


Oh, Brandon Hantz. You are one of the weirdest "Survivor" contestants we've ever seen - and that is saying a lot.Post-TribalSemhar cries at Redemption Island, though I don't really buy that she gave them "every last strength." She also says she has abandonment issues, which - this is a reality show. Your tribemates are not your absentee daddy or whoever. Then it's emo poetry time. Yikes.Back at Savaii, John is really kissing butt about being allowed to stay. I do hope he gets to prove his worth, since it means so much to him. I love seeing fans play the game, not the hotties the casting directors plucked off the streets of Los Angeles.Ozzy and Keith make plans to get together with Jim and get a strong guys alliance going. Upolu CampCoach starts to forge a friendship and alliance with Edna, outside of his alliance with Rick, Sophie, Albert and Brandon. He asks if she...



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