'America's Next Top Model': Pink's hotdogs get messy


Poor Brittany was the first casualty of the "America's Next Top Model" all-star season. On the way home from judging, the girls go bonkers over the prizes for the winner of the season. There's a quick montage of all the girls saying they deserve to win. I just wish one had been like, "Naw, I should get like fourth place."Branding (unfortunately, not with cattle prods)At the Model Manse, Alexandria says she's "a misunderstood star." Snerk. Whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night. Um, what is with the talking-head interviews where everyone has on Chemo Patient Chic? Weird.Anyway. Tyra shows up with Martin Lindstrom, a "brand strategist genius" (Tyra's words). He is there to school them about their individual brands, which he says should boil down to one word that he assigns them. Lisa gets daring, Sheena gets unexpected and then Martin tells Kayla her LGBT platform is so five years ago and...



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