Bleach Season 13 Episode 250: That Man, For The Sake of The Kuchiki Review

Hundreds of years ago, there had indeed been an uprising in Soul Society, but Kouga had been on the Gotei 13 side. In addition to this, he had become Kuchiki Ginrei's son-in-law, but Ginrei had concerns about Kouga not yet having the heart necessary to master his Zanpakutou's power. Kouga was more than capable of putting down the rebel forces though, and Yamamoto had appointed him the head of a special unit. The problem was that Kouga had also made some powerful enemies, and they framed him for attacking men on his own side. When the punishment included the disempowerment of Muramasa, Ginrei had explained to Kouga that what people were really afraid of was Muramasa going out of control. Kouga, however, felt that Ginrei still didn't accept him, and after Ginrei left, Muramasa had materialized inside the prison cell. Muramasa had urged Kouga to follow his instincts and had broken him out of prison, though Kouga had emphasized that he was still the master. Now, back in the present, Muramasa approaches Kouga and is surprised to get stabbed in the gut.

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