Brandon Hantz Reveals His Secret to Coach on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (VIDEO)

Brandon Hantz is proving to be a much more difficult man to figure out than his Uncle Russell. On 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), he continued to assert that he's trying to play a nicer game than his uncle, that he's allowing his faith to guide him.

He even confided in his ally Coach, showing the veteran player the tattoo on his arm that reveals his last name. It was a risky move on his part, particularly since Russell helped orchestrate Coach's ouster the last time the two played together.

But it was later in the episode, when Brandon again decided he needed to target Mikayla because she's beautiful and he's married. It's as if he doesn't believe he can control himself around pretty girls, which is a pretty scary prospect for a show where you run around in your underwear most of the time.


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