REVENGE “Pilot” Review

REVENGE "Pilot" Season 1 Episode 1 – You hear all the time of shows that are "so bad they’re good". They’re also known as guilty pleasures, shows that are often too corny to take seriously, but totally enjoyable to watch and laugh at. The later seasons of 24 became this type of show for me, as I’d tunein just to see Jack take out an office filled with terrorists, implore the President to stop whatever it was he was going to do, relate intelligence back to CTU and traverse the length of LA by the next commercial break. All in Sutherland’s signature husky voice.

Revenge is kinda like that, but a million times better. I cannot overstate just how much I enjoyed this stupid, insipid, cloying pilot. It’s saved by the fact that it knows perfectly well it’s stupid, insipid and cloying: the voiceovers, the truly rank high standards of living, Madeline Stowe’s scene stealing Madame Bovary styled socialite.

The cherry was the decision Jack made to sell his boat (called Amanda-brilliant) so his father could keep his restaurant. Mike Kelley, the writer of this episode and creator of the show, could have left it at that, but he really just went the extra mile to illustrate how insufferable these people are: Jack was going to sail his boat to Haiti to help out the Haitians after their earthquake. Well, two years after the earthquake. Jack, in case his name didn’t give it away, is the "hero". Read More...


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