THE HOUR “Episode 6? Review

THE HOUR "Episode 6? – Freedom of the press. It’s not a radical notion to those of us who have grown up on Saturday Night Live satire and now watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on a daily basis, but in 1950?s England, the background of The Hour, the press had no such freedom. Truth could be construed as treason and patriotism had a single battle cry.

"You’re either with us or against us."

In the final part of this fascinating series, we spend the entire hour literally with "The Hour," as the producers, journalists and reporters prepare for a single broadcast that will change everything. I understand now why we haven’t spent more time with the characters in this particular setting, the actual production of the show, before now. It would have taken some of the tension away if we had seen all of this over and over again.

As it is, there’s tension to spare. On the heels of having ended her relationship with Hector, Bel has to come up with an hour’s worth of stories, clips and interviews when her hands have basically been tied. Agents of the government have made it clear that "The Hour" is not to question Britain’s role in the Suez Canal crisis in any way, shape or form. But the growing dissension in the country over this hot issue IS the news! Read More...


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