CRIMINAL MINDS “It Takes A Village” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "It Takes A Village" Season 7 Episode 1 – Everyone knows about the fiasco CBS created last year when it decided that one of the highest rated dramas on television needed some financial retooling and subsequently cut two of the main female characters out of the cast, leaving Garcia the lone womb in the BAU. They tried to settle fan outrage by bringing in Rachel Nichols, but the poor girl was subject to horrid storylines and zero character work, despite the initial concept of her character – that she was the daughter of a serial killer – being quite intriguing.

CBS realized their mistake and this episode is the result. It’s not so much an episode about the team as it is CBS’ attempt to piece back the solid show this once was. Even the most ardent fans ofCriminal Minds have to admit that the Doyle plot line, once it actually got going, was terrible.

This episode tried to rectify the wrong by using the good old expository senate hearing (was it a senate hearing? Some sort of political hearing) to reintroduce JJ and Prentiss back into the mix as seamlessly as possible. Read More...


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