PERSON OF INTEREST Series Premiere Advance Review

Tonight is the night for the highly anticipated premiere of PERSON OF INTEREST. The show brings back Michael Emerson, formerly of Lost, as Mr. Finch, a billionaire who has invented a computer program that will tell him when someone will be involved in a crime in the future. Although a bit likeMinority Report, unfortunately Mr. Finch’s program has a few flaws. First, the progam cannot tell him if the person is the murderer, the victim, a witness, or someone with some other involvement. Second, the program does not tell him when the crime will happen. Enter John Reese (Jim Cavaziel), a former CIA agent that everyone believes is dead and he wants it that way. Mr. Finch believes that the two can team up together to help stop these violent crimes from happening. The show also stars Taraji P. Henson as an NYPD detective that encounters John Reese early on and suspects there is more to him than his homeless, bum image. Read More...


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