PRIME SUSPECT Series Premiere Advance Review

Premiering tonight is NBC’s latest crime show, PRIME SUSPECTPrime Suspect stars Maria Bello as "hard-as-nails" Det. Jane Timoney, a homicide detective that is not exactly welcome in her preinct full of men. In fact, there are rumors that she got her position through alternative means. The show is an updated version of the British show by the same name that played in the 1990s and 2000s and starred Helen Mirren in Maria Bello’s role. Although I have only heard good things about the British version, I was happy that I had not yet seen it while watching this premiere. I did not want to imagine Maria Bello filling Helen Mirren’s role or think that Maria was better than Helen. I liked having the blank slate.

The show places Det. Timoney right in the middle of an unfriendly, unwelcoming, and mostly chauvinistic (some might call it "old school"), precinct. Her fellow detectives include Det. Luisito Calderon (Kirk Acevedo), Det. Eddie Gautier (Joe Nieves), Det. Reg Duffy (Brian O’Byrne), Det. Evrard Velerio (Tim Griffin), Det. Augie Blando (Tim Griffin) and her Lieutenant, Kevin Sweeney (Aidan Quinn). Amongst these men, and in their eyes, Det. Jane Timoney can do nothing right. They steal her cases, sabotage her investigations, and most decidely alienate and ostracize her. They claim she is not good enough and then when she is good (it is made quite clear that she is a very good detective), they see her as opportunistic or lucky. Read More...


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