MODERN FAMILY “Dude Ranch; When Good Kids Go Bad” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Dude Ranch; When Good Kids Go Bad" Season 3, Episode 1 – We start off the third season of Modern Family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where all the families (plus Dylan) have landed on a dude ranch for their annual vacation. While Cam and Mitch are secretly working out their plans to "buy domestic" for their next adoption, Claire, Phil, Gloria and Jay try their hands at ranch life with the help of Hank the cowboy.

I loved Phil’s "looks of respect" that he was trying to earn from Jay on this trip. He had worked so hard on all his dude ranch skills just to try and impress Jay and he turned out to be a really good shot and rider. Poor Jay couldn’t even get his horse, Buttercup, to follow a single command while a ridiculously deaf, and exceedingly loud Gloria was oblivious to Hank’s slimy moves. Jay and Phil riding up together on the same horse to rescue Gloria from Hank’s plans was one of my favorite scenes of the night and Phil’s assertion that "only we touch our women when they don’t want us to" had me laughing out loud. Read More...


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