LAW AND ORDER: SVU “Scorched Earth” Review

LAW AND ORDER: SVU "Scorched Earth" Season 13 Episode 1 – I’m just as puzzled over "Scorched Earth" being the title of the first episode of the thirteenth season of Law and Order: SVU as I am over the sudden departure of Detective Stabler. The first I can overlook, although they’ve always been consistent about one-word titles in the past. The second…I’m having a harder time reconciling.

Benson and Stabler. This is a partnership that lasted for twelve years, far longer than any other in theLaw and Order franchise, and spawned more than its fair share of speculation. But regardless of whether you thought they were strictly friends or something more, it can’t be denied that they worked well together and cared about each other to a fault. And now, without so much as an on-screen goodbye, it’s all over. I can’t blame Benson for breaking down at the news. We’re going to miss him, too. Read More...


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