CSI “73 Seconds” Review

CSI "73 Seconds", Season 12 Episode 1 – CSI is back everybody! For better or worse, the original CSIhas returned on a new night and time and with a new lead actor! That’s right, in a much talked about off-season switch up, Laurence Fishburne has bowed out to make room for Ted Danson to become the new lead. So let’s get straight into how I feel about the biggest change of the show.

Ted Danson plays the new team captain, Detective Russell. Danson is probably best known for his work on popular sitcoms Cheers and Becker, but has recently been working on smaller cable serieslike Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bored to Death, and Damages. Apparently, he’s trading in the easierschedule of cable series’ for the daily grind of working on a CBS procedural. I was hoping that he’d be able to bring something more original to this role, but he basically was exactly what I thought he would be. As soon as Danson was cast I thought "I bet he’ll be the exact opposite of Langston, and that he’ll be whacky and won’t play by the rules!" Turns out, I was right on the money.

I’m not saying any of this is Danson’s fault. He’s a good actor, he’s just on a show that’s…well, a bit beneath him. Not that the show is bad, but it’s just a show that is very by the numbers, and Danson does not strike me as a by the numbers actor. I’m hoping that future episodes will help flesh out this character a bit more, but I’m not very optimistic. Read More...



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