Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 9, 2009 (Nomination 5)

With the era of the Rat drawn to a close, it falls to Chima to put up first two potential candidates for Big Brother 11 Juror No. 1. Will she stay true to her word and target Russell after their showdown last week? Who else might she put up? Before we get to that, a special guest stops by the house to offer the houseguests their next luxury competition, and Jeff makes sure the audience at home knows who really has the power this week. Let's get to it.

Just like many of you did last week, most of the houseguests celebrated the exit of Ronnie the Rat. Michele made fun of the "Big Brother Encyclopedia" for not making it into the jury house, while Jeff celebrated that things were finally starting to go his way. Poor Jessie was sad to lose his wingman, and Lydia was pissed that she didn't get Jessie's vote. Also, Russell is pissed that Jessie, Natalie and Chima voted for Ronnie to stay, proving they have no loyalty to him anymore. But back to hating on Ronnie: Kevin does a happy dance. All is right in the world!

Chima's HOH room is par for the course, though she did get a note from her sick mother. Sounds like she's doing OK for now, which is good. Also, the producers finally decided to show the footage of Chima opening up about her past of being attacked and raped by a serial killer. She explains that she had two surgeries, but uses the experience to show that she is a survivor, earning all of the houseguests' respect.

Chima seems dead-set on nominating Russell, and no amount of kissing up he does seems likely to change that. However, Natalie does give Chima some food for thought: If they keep Russell around, they have a chance to swing the numbers back into their favor. Chima then considers putting up two women (Chima and Natalie are both no fan of Lydia), but after talking to Michele, she seems to think better of the idea. Even though Chima says she isn't coming after Jeff and Jordan this week, Jordan is worried.

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