Survivor: South Pacific 23.02 "He Has Demons" Recap

Welcome Survivor fans!  If you missed last week's season premiere, catch up with my recap here.

The episode begins on Redemption Island.  Semhar arrives and says she feels abandoned by her tribe.  She doesn't understand how people can be so cold-hearted.  She then does what she does best...recite poetry.  Over at Savai'i, Cochran thanks everyone for keeping him.  He confesses to going into fight or flight mode at Tribal Council, and he fought.  He needs to chill out though, and change his attitude to best help the tribe, and stop drawing attention to himself.  Ozzy identifies with Cochran's desire to play, but he needs to put in a better effort. Ozzy shares thoughts on Cochran with Keith, who agrees that Cochran should have an opportunity to prove his worth.  Keith tells the camera that he likes Ozzy, and would normally want to align with him, but Ozzy has played before so he needs to be watched.

Day 4 at Upolu.  Coach tells Edna he's getting some bad feelings from the girls, but she helped him out after the first Duel.  Rick, Sophie, Brandon and Albert are in Coach's alliance, but Edna is a good friend.  Coach asks her if Christine found an Hidden Immunity Idol, and she points out that Christine and Stacey have stopped looking so they might have found one.  More importantly, that pair is quite tight.  Edna confides that she is probably at the bottom of the tribe, so she has aligned herself with Coach.  She promises that she is solidly with him, and as a result, he promises to protect her. Read More...


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