Revenge Premiere Review: No One is Going to Be Forgiven (Plus, Episode 2 Promo)

Emily Thorne (formerly, Amanda Clarke) is on a mission in Revenge.  Given the title of the show, I think you can rightly assume that Emily is on a very specific mission.  ABC's new primetime drama is a great addition to its line-up, with gorgeous scenery, competent actors, and a deliciously enjoyable plot.

The pilot episode of Revenge aptly sets the stage for the series.  All the exposition we need to know is presented, but we also get to see the first take-down.  Basically, Emily/Amanda used to vacation in the Hamptons with her father, David Clarke.  Amanda's happy childhood was cruelly cut short when her father was arrested and convicted of supplying funds to terrorists who brought down an airplane.  Amanda spent almost two decades believing her father was a horrible man, until she was finally emancipated and sent out into the world.  Then, approached by the wealthy Nolan (an internet entrepreneur who informed Amanda that she owned about 49% of his company thanks to her father's investment), she learned that her father had actually been set up and betrayed by his former friends and the woman he loved: Victoria Grayson. Read More...


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