'Survivor: South Pacific' Episode 2 - 'He Has Demons.' You Think?

Oh I’m sure, tiny Brendan will never, ever, ever, ever tell anyone that he is Russell Hantz’ nephew. Until he does.

It’s been one whole week on Survivor, or about 5 days if you were actually on the island. Already the tribes are feeling the pain, especially Semhar, on Redemption Island, who’s finding out quickly that being the biggest busted word rap poet on the beat ain’t always a winning combo. "I gave them my every last strength and they sent me to Redemption Island," she moans. Uh, Semhar, you totally blew the challenge because you were ‘tired.’ She shivers and hides under her blanket, even as the camera seeks to probe for some of her best raps.

My buddy, Cochran, discovers the tribe will let him stay, as long as he becomes Savaii’s total beeyatch. He’s managed to survive tribal council but may live to regret their decision. He mentions that he is so out from under his mum’s control, but it’s clear that mum lives on in his head, as he gleefully chops away at a coconut. She told him to stay away from machetes, but he’s doing it anyway!  Read More...



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