'Up All Night' Recap: Cool Neighbors

"Cool Neighbors" cleverly examines the question that eventually plagues every thirtysomething: "When did I stop being cool?" The episode works so well because when we all point and laugh at the Brinkleys’ uncoolness, there are three fingers pointing right back at us, reminding us that it’s probably well past time we take that Mighty Mighty Bosstones cassette out of our tape decks and finally download the Warpaint CD.  If we even know who Warpaint is. 

Chris and Reagan realize they’re no longer the cool kids on the block the minute they lay eyes on their new neighbors: a young, attractive, leather-clad couple with a dog that’s even cooler than Chris could ever hope to be. Immediately, they desperately begin trying to prove to Mr. and Mrs. Awesome that they’re not just another pair of boring, suburban parents. And of course, every attempt at demonstrating their with-it-ness only further reveals their true dorkiness. Christina Applegate and Will Arnett are pitch-perfect here, particularly Arnett, who’s always done awkward exceptionally well. Chris’s uncool stripes are on display at all times, from his botched delivery of a welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift (a bottle of "teqweela") to his unfortunate musical taste (ranging from Juice Newton to Jamiroquai) to his annoying habit of "Like"-ing everything on Facebook (we all have that friend). His constant insistence that the majority of his likes are "ironic" fool no one, least of all his wife. Read More...



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