'Person of Interest' Just May Deserve Yours (Review)

The pedigree for CBS's new "Person of Interest" sets it up for some high expectations: Creator Jonathan Nolan wrote "The Dark Knight," executive producer JJ Abrams and star Michael Emerson are drawn from the world of "Lost," and Jim Cavieziel used to be Jesus.

You can see how it would be hard to measure up. But the show does, for the most part, by injecting unusual wit into what could have been a series of crime-show clichés.

While it can't be expected to boast Batman-style production values, it does set a cinematic tone that recalls "The Dark Knight," the "Bourne" movies, and "Dirty Harry."

At least, I think it’s Clint Eastwood that Jim Cavieziel is gamely channeling when he grumblingly explains to various bad guys that "I don’t have any friends," breaks the occasional nose, and shoots people in the legs. Read More...



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