Review: NBC's 'Prime Suspect'

Review: NBC's 'Prime Suspect'

The pilot episode of NBC's "Prime Suspect" (it debuts tonight at 10) spends almost as much time showing its heroine, NYPD detective Jane Timoney (Maria Bello) battling rampant sexism from her colleagues than it does on her work investigating murders. The jump ahead of her in the queue to catch the next case, try to stick her with the gruntiest of gruntwork, accuse her of having slept her way to the top and mock her to her face at least as much as they do behind her back. 

Ordinarily, a pilot episode is a template for what the ongoing series will look like, but the "Prime Suspect" producers have said they're going to seriously cool it on the sexism starting in the second episode. 

"Obviously, it's 2011," showrunner Alexandra Cunningham acknowledged to a roomful of critics last month. "There’s no institutionalized sexism. There’s human resources. Women have recourse at work when things happen." She added that the show would "Try to make it more realistic, because sexism isn’t gone. It’s kind of more subtle and insidious in a modern world and that’s what we’re going to try to do." Read More...


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