Review - Great Acting the Only Positive in NBC's Prime Suspect

Much like ABC's Life on Mars, NBC's Prime Suspect is a remake of a show that didn't need a remake. The original ITV series, which starred Helen Mirren as the steely female detective Jane Tennison, is an undeniable classic of British television (and indeed of television in general). NBC shouldn't have remade the show because it couldn't -- and didn't -- improve upon the original. Instead, the new Prime Suspect is an Americanized facsimile that can't hold a candle to its earlier, groundbreaking British counterpart.

Like most American remakes of British shows, Prime Suspect has been drained of subtlety. What made Helen Mirren's Jane Tennison fascinating was her incredibly flawed nature. She was brilliant at her job, but her personal life was in shambles. Her relationships fell apart because of her dedication to her job, as well as because of her alcoholism. Sure, she was a badass when it came to doing her job, but on the flipside, she was also a really messed up individual. That duality is why we cared about what happened to her. Read More...


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