The Middle 3.01 & 3.02 "Forced Family Fun" Recap

The Heck family is back for a third season of The Middle, but before the kids head back to school they need some forced family fun. The two-part season premiere flipped back and forth between the current timeline of the Heck family camping trip, and a flashback of Frankie and Mike's honeymoon where we learn why Frankie hates camping. It's in the flashback that we see Patricia Heaton reunite with her former TV husband, Ray Romano. He's the reason she hates camping.

The episode opens as everyone heads out of the house on the first day of school, and they're so worried that they're going to miss each other that they promise to call throughout the day and depart with a family hug. The end of the episode shows us how they got to this loving state. In a brief recap of their summer, we learn that Frankie and Mike rarely saw the kids. Axl was working as a lifeguard, Sue was hanging out with Carly, and Brick was—you guessed it—at the library. Frankie and Mike spent their summer collecting mail and babysitting pregnant hamsters for all the families that went on vacation. Feeling guilty for not spending more time with the kids, Frankie convinces Mike that they need to go on a quick, cheap family vacation before school starts. Mike suggests camping, but Frankie protests by reminding him that the last time they went camping was for their honeymoon and it was the worst night of her life. We'll learn why later, but since it's the only vacation they can afford, Frankie agrees to go. Read More...


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