True Beauty announces Taylor as winner

True Beauty tonight was full of drama. They never keep it on the light side. Ericka and Taylor were getting ready for Amy's return. They even got out Amy's cup full with the drink she drinks. It was priceless seeing Erica and Taylor's face when Craig came home. Both didn't want Craig home. They didn't expect it. Craig actually took Amy's cup and start drinking it. It was pretty funny. But also it was jerky move to do. Erica later says that Amy should have been the one. She trashes Craig without him knowing it.

True Beauty's final three have an overnight challenge. First, they have to do have fun with a celebrity client. They have to kiss his butt and show him Vegas. All have fun but Craig went over a bit. He looked ridiculous. The real part of the challenge was the second part. They are really tired and they have to do a commercial for the face of Vegas. All three did really well with no sleep. Erica was the only one who cracked a little. All three got to see the room where the judges spy on them. They are shocked when they see a film of all the bad things each has done.

Taylor, Erica, and Craig share the final comments. They reflex on the show and apologize for what they have done wrong. Craig got third place. It came down to Erica and Taylor like I thought. Taylor won the second season of True Beauty.

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