Durarara!! Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Highly Unpredictable

Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)

With the second episode of Durarara, it's quite apparent that we're going to get something similar to what we saw in Baccano but in a more relaxed manner and in a very different setting and style. What fascinated me the most with this episode is that it took what seemed like just an incident happening in the first episode to highlight what the Black Rider does and instead ties it together to everything else in a very tight way. And even better is that the core of its message is spot on and something that people and especially teenagers won't know until years later; we've all got our secrets and things that never make it beyond ourselves or maybe one other person.

Picking up from the first episode, school is starting and the class introductions are underway, though it's the narration that's important here as everyone rattles off their names. The story of who these people really are and their connections to each other is what the focus looks to turn into here and though we see some new people, such as Seiji who informs the teacher that he's not coming back, or Anri, a cute girl who seems to know Seiji quite well, as well as seeing those who populated the first episode. Where the camera turns to though is one girl named Rio Mazenda. Mazenda's story is really quite compelling as we see that she led an ordinary but good life until the day an envelope of pictures arrived in her mailbox showing her father having an affair.

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