'X Factor': Xander Alexander caps off a terrible episode


How did you like the premiere of "The X Factor" Wednesday night? We aren't really sure the show actually has the x factor it is looking for - what did you think?We did love, love, love Chris Rene, though. Bienvenido a MiamiAshley Sansone is our first audition. She's a little crazypants, so I'm not optimistic about her vocal stylings. I do fully expect her to bust, "No time! There's never anytime! I don't have time to study! ... I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so [sob] scared!" Seriously, lay off the speed, girlfriend. Predictably, her singer is awful. Moving on. She leads into a whole montage of crazypants Miami folk. "Feisty" is not the word I would use, L.A. Reid.Randomly, Gloria Estefan is there to work the crowd. Maybe she can come be Steve Jones' warm-up host in Los Angeles when they get to the live shows.The first "good" audition (or "not bad" audition)...



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