'The Office' season premiere: Goin' to California


"Life is long. Opinions change." -- Robert CaliforniaThe new CEO's words of semi-reassurance to the Scranton employees at the end of "The Office's" season premiere will be ones I try to keep in mind going forward. Because while James Spader is a very interesting addition to the show, I'm less sure about the new man in charge at the branch.(That's your signal for a pretty big spoiler coming. So if you haven't seen the episode yet, go elsewhere.)That man is one Andrew Bernard, and it's a decision I'm not yet sure about. Andy has frequently come off as Michael Scott Lite for much of his time on "The Office" (and certainly post-anger management training), and on first blush it feels like the show is trying to keep that same dynamic of the branch manager being a guy that everyone (more or less) likes but doesn't necessarily respect. So can the writers and Ed Helms differentiate...



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