Recap: 'Project Runway' - Image Is Everything

Well, after tonight we'll have just seven designers -- but I have to admit, I'm still seeing plenty of taste-challenged designers left in the game. I'm hoping that "PR" will cut back on the goofy challenges and really allow us to see what these guys are capable of doing. While yes, I readily admit there is something to be said for someone who's creative enough to design a dress based on a boyfriend or husband's description of what their significant other likes (as they did last week), the results seem to be more about luck than about true talent. But, judging from what I've seen of this week's episode, we've got another oddball challenge before us that will do nothing more than exhaust the contestants and give the judges ample opportunity to come up with witty insults. But let's get to it, shall we? 

Heidi informs the final eight that they will be going to Rockwood Music Hall. Oh, and she hints that image is everything. Anthony Ryan thinks they'll be inspired by old, retro rockers. Oh, if only it was so easy, Anthony Ryan. Instead, Tim tells them that fashion and music are linked, and Rolling Stone and Garnier have partnered to present an unsigned band on the cover of the magazine.  That band is... The Sheepdogs. The designers must create outfits for the band -- and they'll be working in two teams of four. ANOTHER team challenge. Anya is annoyed, and honestly, so am I. Just let 'em do their own thing! Read More...


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